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The Spofford Group: A Specialty Insurance Brokerage Firm

Specializing in management liability and related coverages

In today’s challenging legal environment, an “off the shelf” insurance solution is not enough. Regulators, stockholders and plaintiffs’ bar continue to find new and creative ways of bringing management liability claims against public and privately-held companies. As a result, your company’s exposure to risk is complicated, ongoing and ever expanding.

As trusted advisors since 1995 to banks, publicly-traded and privately-held companies, investment advisors, venture capital and private equity firms, The Spofford Group focuses exclusively on the complex world of management liability, professional liability exposures and related coverages.

Through our comprehensive approach, we offer innovative programs and keen insight for identifying mitigation opportunities and minimizing management liability risk. Before any risk transfer purchase, we use our proprietary methods and industry knowledge to deliver customized coverage recommendations based on in-depth analyses, predictive modeling, and current industry benchmarking. Our number one goal is your long-term success.

Our services include risk analysis, coverage recommendations, and direct negotiations from myriad worldwide resources – without the use of intermediaries. We’re the only specialty commercial insurance brokerage firm to provide a thorough understanding of the most complex insurance challenges affecting organizations today coupled with strategic and cost-effective risk management programs.

To learn more about how we can help you craft customized risk management programs, call 781-740-8990 or email spofford@spoffordgroup.com.